Monday, May 16, 2011

Healthy Dinner

Pursuant to our desires to improve our diets, the dinner we came up with last night. 

In the foreground, a plate of linguini, with a sauce of mushrooms and tomatoes and a parma topping; lightly steamed broccoli, and on my plate, a broiled Italian sausage patty, made with turkey. In the b.g., a yellow cake made with pineapple juice as the main sweetener and walnuts as a topper.

Tasted great, all of it, and was low in fat and sugar. 

For me, if you are going to cut down on white death and lard, you have to replace it with something that looks and tastes good, and is filling enough so you feel satisfied after you are done. 

No, it's not a pork chop wrapped in bacon and smothered in fried shrimp, and I wouldn't make the claim that it compares to such a dish on the taste-o-meter; however, it's not the heat-attack special, either ...


Justin said...

It sure doesn't *look* healthy!
Since you know what was put into the meal, I hope you view that as a compliment.

steve-vh said...

Looks pretty darn tasty to me!

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, if you say, "This is a healthy meal." people will almost always think it will taste like cardboard and library paste. Roots and twigs, yeah, great.

That's the primary challenge in cooking "healthy" food. You have to replace all that fat and sugar with something, and that's a trick, since we are wired to love fat, sugar, and salt. This is where figuring out how to use spices makes a huge difference.