Friday, May 13, 2011

New Book Begins

As usual, I am juggling several projects, try to apply the minimal-work-for-maximum-gain philosophy, while adjusting it to have as much fun as I can. Some of these I can talk about, some I can't at all, and some I can talk about a little bit. 

In this last category, I'm working on a military space-opera novel–not the Matadors–which could find a traditional market, if what my agent is telling me is valid. If not, it is interesting enough that it is going to find a home somewhere, ebookery or POD, whatever.

Traditional publishing still has a certain cachet. Some readers would still prefer to go that way, plus there is the advance up front, and not having to do anything except write the thing. So if I get an offer on this beast, that's the way I'll go, if it is remotely reasonable.

Anyway, I managed a nice 1500-word chunk of an opening scene, and had quite the happy time doing it. I'll let you know when I can what it's about and where it's going. I expect Matador fans might find it interesting ...

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