Friday, May 20, 2011

Train is at the Station

In case you missed it, is reporting that their ebook sales have outstripped paper book sales.

That is, for every hundred paper books they sold this quarter, they sold a hundred and five ebooks.

This is major, folks. And they aren't counting the freebies in this tally.


Irene said...

Also worth noting that those figures are from April,which is BEFORE the release of the latest, and best-ever-selling Kindle.

Steve Perry said...

Yep. My sales have gone up in the last month, and I'm wondering how much the new Kindle has to do with that.

The Daring Novelist said...

Here's what I suspect is the kicker: I don't have the figures, but I suspect that this is a reflection of the fact that once people buy a Kindle, they buy more books.

Sure, there are more and more people switching to ebooks, but the growth is multiplied by the fact that they each buy more books too.

Brad said...

I know I've bought more new books per week since I got my Nook, than I did before. Mostly authors I had never heard of, books the local brick and mortar don't carry.

William Adams said...

They are however counting umpteen-thousand public domain texts which people could be getting for free from Project Gutenberg or sites like, but instead are paying $0.99 for to support ``entrepreneurs'' who're putting them up en masse (and w/ many duplicates, cluttering up Amazon's catalogue).

Amazon should've done everyone a favour and posted the entire PG listings at a price point of $0.98 and donated the normal royalty back to the project. Then, only improved PD versions which have niceties in them justifying a cost increase would be listed.