Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Trash Christmas

So, another year out of the white trash tree, $19.95 and that included two strings of lights.

Looks much better than it has any right to look. Still have to put some kind of cloth-thingee around the base and wrapped presents and all like that but it does give a nice glow to the corner of the room.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen ...

Dishwasher stopped draining. Full of water. Pushing the drain button was for naught.

It's supposed to drop below freezing tonight, and stay that way for a week, maybe fifteen degrees F. by tomorrow night. An overflowing dishwasher would be bad.

So I looked at hoses and fittings and decided, what-the-heck, I could unscrew some things and see what's what.

Turns out the drain hose that runs from the washer into the garbage disposal was clogged. With squash seeds that we dumped in last night. Fished 'em out, hooked it back up, voila! Fixed!

Always amazes me when I do something like that and it actually works ...

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Bobbe Edmonds said...

It amazes me, too. When you do it, I mean.