Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's an old joke among folks who think fortunate tellers are frauds: When the seer is doing a cold-reading, s/he will offer generalities that sound specific. "People often don't understand you." Or: "I see that you have had issues with your father." Or, "There was once a woman you loved who treated you badly." And, shoot, you can even do physical -- "You have a scar on your knee ... "

Uncanny! She's psychic! Amazing!

Yeah. You know any guys  that this doesn't apply to?  And everybody still has his legs has a scar on his knee.

And now, I have three more on the right side. But, given that I am six weeks post-op on my arthroscopic adventure, you have to be looking to tell. Still got a numb spot to the lateral side and some referred nerve tingling next to the medial incision, but both are much decreased, and I'm guessing that in a couple more months, those'll both be gone, too. 

Let's hear it for modern surgery.


steve-vh said...

I felt you were going to tell us about this......

Steve Perry said...

I knew you were going to say that ...

TracelessTiger said...


Well in any case, I hope you get better. :)

How's your book writing coming along?

Steve Perry said...

Coming. Almost two-thirds of the way through the first draft on Champion of the Dead.

If we sell Dreadnaught, which appears possible at the moment, probably there will be some rewriting necessary. How much will depend on the editor we wind up with and how well we can make our case that we don't need to do it.

Waiting to hear what I need to rewrite on the Indy book.

Likely I'll be doing all three at once, since that's usually how it goes.

Got a couple other books in mind, and some remote possibilities for work-for-hire. Plenty to keep busy.