Saturday, December 27, 2008


So a mixed-martial-arts fighter, a pro, was shot to death in Boise. Details are still sketchy, but the deceased was apparently thirty, and the suspect, who has been arrested, was forty-eight. Some kind of domestic disturbance, apparently.

Want to bet that the shooter was not any kind of fighter?

All the martial artists who think this stuff makes you blade- or bulletproof take note.

It doesn't.


Anonymous said...

It appears the lad shot was asked to leave the premises. Itw as a family gathering..his mother , his ex and his son were all present. The shooter (husband of the victims mother)..asked him to leave..the victim through a fit and some dishes and said no...Shooter then pulls pistol and shoots victim in chest..he dies shortly after. The shooter 48 has been arrested for second degree info

No way your going to submit a .38 special..not gonna happen.

Dave said...

Words like Twaron, Dyneema, and Rusar have entered my vocabulary. Because words like Kevlar have already saved me.

Person pulls a gun; submit, because unless you are also carrying you have already lost rule one in gunfights: Have a gun.

Don't care how many forms,katas, or records you have.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Actually, I think a little common fucking sense would have worked here. Assuming your run-of-the-grist-mill Martial Artist possessed any.

Justin should have seen this one coming, his size and reputation alone tell others that they have no chance in an unarmed conflict with him. He should have calculated his risks in getting physical with mere mortals, how they would perceive him, and the consequences of his actions.

What did he think was going to happen, the skinny homeowner would challenge him to an NHB match? For Christ's sake, I WOULD HAVE SHOT HIM MYSELF. What did you think I would do, go for a sapu?

A big-assed ring gladiator like Justin Eilers is throwing shit in my house, and refuses to leave? I'm sorry, I know I'll catch hell for saying this, but the gunman acted appropriately. He stopped Mongo from possibly killing someone else. Shooting him would've been the first thought in MY mind. He might have been arrested, but I'm interested to see which way the jury swings with this one.

Worg said...

It could be argued that Testosterone Boy was committing assault. Certainly the homeowner felt threatened.

This is why I am a very, very quiet guy and I try very hard to avoid intimidating people. I am naturally in maybe the top 99th percentile in size for adult males. This naturally means that when I am dealing with anyone smaller, there is, from the getgo, an implicit assumption of force: I'm bigger and taller.

Nowadays, I never tell anybody that I do martial arts. I never mention it at all and I see no reason to.

MA are great as an ace in the hole. Unbeatable, even, if you act with sudden and extreme violence. But if someone knows it's coming the advantage evaporates as soon as they can grab so much as a paring knife.

There's this real arrogance I've started to see from NHB people around town here. They need to remember that the general public are carrying more and more weapons. I'm not ready to just say "Good for the homeowner," but I'm sure the law will be considering the threat implicit in this moron's size and much ballyhooed skill.

Steve Perry said...

You can book it that the lawyer for guy who did the shooting will point out that Justin was a heavyweight MMA pro, and if said attorney has a lick of sense, there will be introduced into evidence a video or two of the man on the mat in the octagon smashing somebody bloody.

Then the jury will look at the accused, who is old enough to be somebody's grandfather, hear from the witnesses who will, from what i've heard so far, say that dead guy was plastered and ran amok.

Probably won't be too much of an effort to put the shooter in fear for his life, and that's the defense.

I once had an e-discussion on a MA newsgroup in which a MMA fighter told me how unbeatable they all were. Can I bring my knives? I asked.

Sure. Doesn't matter. Knives, barstool, we'll still clean your clock.

Aside from the basic stupidity of that comment, there is the defense in court. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the deceased, who was a bodybuilder taking steroids, told my client he was unbeatable. My client, who has five grandchildren, rightly believed that his life was in danger ..."

Steve Perry said...

And from the Channel 7 News Team:

The shooter, James Robert Malec, was apparently in a relationship with Justin's mother. An ex-deputy, Malec, and from the arraignment images, bald, and not in great shape.

One shot to the chest, center-of-mass, end of argument.

Worg said...

I have an analogy that I use for this sort of thing.

Telling people you do MA is like letting people know that you are always carrying a gun.

You wouldn't do that at work. You wouldn't do that at parties.

So why do these dumb lummoxes insist on wearing Afflicted tshirts and school regalia to go to the mall?