Monday, December 22, 2008

One More Series

Three more pictures, then I'll quit unless something else exciting happens.

First is the roof. I took the leaf blower to it. Top layer of powder blew right off. Under that, a layer of ice that didn't go anywhere under the air blast, and under that, another layer of snow that was easy to carve away. Left a shell, Like using a balloon for a cast of something, then letting the air out.

The Garden Buddha, after.

The Garden Buddha, before the real snow arrived.


Jay Gischer said...

I drove up from the Bay Area starting yesterday morning. I'm now in Bellingham, WA. Yesterday, I got through Siskiyou Pass unscathed and through Grant's Pass and all of Southern Oregon with no mishap. I was even thinking we could push and get to Bellingham about midnight last night.

Then I got to Salem, and my plans changed, very quickly. Freezing rain on top of snow. No thanks. Spent the night in Woodburn.

This morning, we went through Portland on I-5 at 8 am. No commuters in sight, but we still couldn't make much more than 25 miles per hour.

Once we crossed the Columbia, it got about 4 degrees warmer, and the roads were better. Why is that, do you think?

Menduir said...

Your Garden Buddha reminds me of Ogion from Earthsea ... let the snow fall where it may and don't worry about it.

Me ... I have to drive in freezing rain tonight, so I worry.

Ah, well.

~ Jas.

steve-vh said...

i don't know of anyone here who has even thought to use a blower.

Our season total so far is 53", high even for us. Prior to last year many people had gotten rid of their snowmobiles because for so long there really never was good consistent snow by us.

Driving the Hummer, winter doesn't scare in the least. Snow, shat snow?
Now all the idiots who shouldn't be driving even from Michigan certainly do.