Monday, December 22, 2008

And the Snow Just Keeps on Comin'

You folks who live in Michigan near the lake or North Dakota or Connecticut can smile at our plight, but looking out my front window, the winter wonderland on the second day of that season has become a record-breaker here in Beaverton. A foot of unpredicted snow out there, and still coming down.

And as somebody pointed out in a letter to the newspaper, all you midwestern- and easterners who brag about being able to drive in such conditions don't need to worry about each other on the roads here -- you need to worry about being slammed into by us ..

Most snow we've had since, well, ever.

Everything is shut down, only a handful of planes leaving or arriving -- weather is bad everywhere except L.A.

Even if it start raining tomorrow, which given the forecasts so far, is iffy, we will have a white Christmas.

We're under the trees here and it's deeper in the open. We walked over the Safeway -- drugstore is closed again. Dogs loved it. Sidewalks are mostly packed snow, so they didn't disappear unless they leaped into a big drift, which they did from time to time.

I'd go sit naked in it again, but they might not find me until spring ...


Worg said...

That is true, the infrastructure in tropical paradises like yours is just not set up for feet of snow like that.

Another thing is indeed the drivers. Even in snowy places, the roads are very scary after the first inch of snow as people reacclimate to driving on it.

And if you hear the wind calling your name at night, remember it's just the Wendigo...

Steve Perry said...

I took the leaf blower out to the front walk, and since I had previously shoveled a path, it took the new snow off pretty well.

I ran it over my wife's car. Top four inches of snow was powder, blew right off. A layer of ice under didn't. Under that, more snow, and I could hollow it out, leaving a shell.

Weird. We just don't usually get those conditions here.

Steve Perry said...

They keep saying it's going to get warm enough to melt off by Friday or Saturday, but that we will have more snow/rain mix starting Wednesday (tomorrow).

There is some water dripping off the roof, making some of those cute death-by-icicle thingees, but the thermometer still says it's freezing under the porch. Hummingbird feeder isn't frozen.

Our roads are still packed snow. We did hazard a trip to the only place we could find that still had ire chains for sale for Dianne's SUV and managed to get a set ($120) for her 4Runner, which she took to work.

No chains available for my little car. Guru is trying to have a make-up class at Cotten's today, but I'd never make it out of my driveway in the Mini.

Did I mention I was ready for summer?

PhlintRock said...

This is the season that makes me glad to live in Florida. Although, there are drawbacks, my kids think snow is made up.