Monday, December 29, 2008


Photo by Nataraj Hauser

For some nice camera work, check out Nataraj Hauser's blog, eyeDance. The yoga model is particularly striking, as is the latest image from the basement studio. Hauser is a dancer/martial artist/photographer/whole bunch of other stuff, and since he likes my writing, obviously a man of great literary taste ...


Nataraj Hauser said...

Thank you for the cross-post, Steve. The model in that photo was amused, and secretly delighted I think. And you are right, I do have excellent literary taste!

Happy new year. Stay well, and may the royalty checks flow freely.


Steve Perry said...

Somewhere in my library of odd books, I have, from the early seventies, a pair from the last gasp of hippie presses -- Tai Chi Nude, and Nude Yoga.

Few things more attractive than the human body, especially those who are usefully fit.

Nataraj Hauser said...


I worked at Waldenbooks c.1980-1985 and I remember those books. I remember that we would find them out of place all over the store. Kids (presumably) would snag them and drag them into quieter parts of the store to drool over them. Most frequent spot to retrieve them from to reshelve? Bible section. While there we would restock issues of Playboy and Penthouse too.

I agree with you about the beauty of a usefully fit body. I am frequently in awe of the physique of the dancers around me. Many of them are, like me, 40+, and some are well over 50, yet the routinely do things that my much younger coworkers could barely conceive of. There is another dimension to that beauty as well. When people are doing things they love - dance, martial arts, singing, cooking - and they are totally in the groove of it, they radiate their true essence and regardless of their physical aspect, it shines as beauty.