Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow in Louisiana

Semi-tropical Baton Rouge Today

Local weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest is offering snow to the valley floor, and cold on the morrow, getting very cold in the next few days. Wind is blowing, it's raining now, and the leaves in my gumball trees are finally starting to fall ...

I called my father in Louisiana to wish him happy birthday, and they've got snow on the ground down there, which is a rare event

Growing up, we averaged an inch or so of snow every ten years or so in Baton Rouge. We'd get a dusting, the town would shut down and everybody'd go home. After a bit, if you took a walk, you'd see the lawns of St. Augustine grass would all be mostly bare-- everybody had gone out and rolled all up the snow into big balls to make snowmen.

I never learned to drive in the stuff. When it snows here, I stay home. No point in having my itty bitty car slewing all over the road.


Dave Chesser said...

We got an inch of snow in north Florida in 1988. It was a blast! My friends and I watched cars on the roads skid into each other. I guess that's something 17 year-olds find humorous.

I never learned to drive in snow either. Made living in Colorado later reaaaaallly interesting.

Brad said...

My wife called me at 11 PM (while I was in an Ambien induced slumber) to tell me it was snowing in houston.

Not flurries, but honest to goodness snow.

Fell right back asleep thinking it was a dream.

Steve Perry said...

Probably not much snow where you are, is there, Brad?