Sunday, January 06, 2008

Roar of the Pelican

My son is a flashlight geek. (Truth is, most men I know are flashlight geeks, the difference is a matter of degree. Boys love torches, from under the covers reading comics after lights out to that bent-neck Scout flashlight out in the woods camping.)

Todd Erven, whom I met through Bobbe, Erven being one of the Kid's MA students, is an uber-flashlight geek. Go look here and see why.

So I asked if he would build a really bright one for me, so I could see the expression on my son's face when I gave it to him. Todd did, and I passed it along last night.

Dal was passing pleased. As I drove away from his house, I could see the light gleaming behind his kitchen blinds.

The name of this entry comes from the name of the torch, which is a Maglite with an overdriven Pelican bulb.

It is waaay cool, and bright enough to knock passing airplanes down ...