Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Naked Truth

So, back from the dentist, left upper lip and nose insensate after some drilling to repair a cracked filling ...

It's always something.

Um. Anyway, while reading some 'zine in the waiting room, I came across a reference to a study on pheromones.

The jury is still out on the details about these in humans, where they are produced and how exactly we smell them, but scientists know we have them.

Women who live together sometimes start menstruating at the same time, and pheromones are most likely why. Both women and men seem to be able to take notice of the subtle chemical signals. Men tend to be more solicitous of women who are ovulating.

The experiment I refer to concerned strippers/lap dancers. It seems that women who are ovulating when they practice the ecdysiast's art make bigger tips than when they aren't; more, women who are menstruating make less in tips than either.

Boy, wouldn't you have loved to see the class when the professor announced that project?

"Okay, so much for refraction analysis and hormone sifting. Now, we are going to do a study on strippers, are there any volunteers who are willing to undergo lap-dances and -- hey! Easy, easy! Sit down!"

And consider the guy who came up with the idea in the first place ...

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Ed said...

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