Saturday, March 31, 2012

Southern Fried

At the risk of TMI, I might have mentioned that my family situation has gotten complicated. My father has mid-stage Alzheiner's and my mother is recovering from a stroke. My sister and her husband have been living in, but had a vacation planned when their sitter quit Thursday. My sister is overwhelmed, and there's nobody to help, save me.

So after a frantic phone call, I found a flight, got up at three a.m. Friday morning, and flew on big metal birds to Louisiana for a rescue visit.

Sat next to the obligatory screaming toddler from Portland to Houston, so sleep was sketchy.

My father tends to get up at all hours wandering the house, can't find his way back to bed, so sleep is still sketchy ... Coming back to Louisiana is kind of like visiting a hot region of the Twilight Zone–left home, it was 40º and raining for the third day in a row, with another week of such forecast. 82º here today, muggy, and watch out for the stinging caterpillars and Fire Ants ...

See y'all when time permits ...

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