Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Camera Never Lies ... ?

The picture above is making the rounds under the heading: Best Job in the World–Yoga Instructor!

And if you look at it, you might see why some people–men–think it is funny. Probably wouldn't be so funny if one of those was your daughter ...

No way is that guy a yoga instructor.

Either the image is fake, or the man is looking at criminal charges.

Maybe it's real. Maybe somebody stepped into the yoga class and copped a double-feel, it's possible. But if he's a real yoga teacher? I can fly by flapping my arms.

Recently, I decided to devil my niece by manipulating a picture and putting Justin Bieber next to her. She is not a fan. It's pretty obviously a fake, but I'm not very good at it. There are folks a lot better than I am at it ...

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Anonymous said...

The camera never lies ... but photographers have been lying ever since they took the first photographs, from Civil War photographers arranging bodies more artistically to photographers painting the glass plate's sky black so it wouldn't look mottled on a print. Photoshop and its ilk are just another tool in the bag of tricks.