Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heartshot: The Movie

I mentioned here a while back Mike Byer's magazine-killing short story, "Heartshot." This is about a guy who hunts and kills unicorns, and a fine piece of writing it is.

It is being made, on a shoestring budget, into a short movie, and as such things go, money is always a worry. To that end, they are taking contributions to get to the next step, and have established a site to collect money from investors.

(I point out here that you can drop Mark Kilbane a note and send him money, too, for the pre-production work on TMWNM movie, if you have some extra laying around.)

Um. Anyway, the producers of Heartshot will thank you, and not just with a smile and a wave. Depending on how much you send, you'll get a prize, ranging from copies of the finished DVD to T-shirts to wine to a life-sized model of a dead unicorn ...

Drop by and send a few bucks their way, you can brag to your friends about being an investor in the movie biz ...

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