Friday, March 02, 2012

Looking for a Home in the Country?

My old buddy Mike Byers, an artist in glass, writer, guitarist, and all around good guy, is selling his home in the country. It's in Baliff's Hollow, Williamsport, Indiana, and is a custom-built A-frame with a monster shop. At a most reasonable price, too.

If you are thinking about leaving the trials and travails of civilization? Check it out.


Ed said...

Does look like a great price. Very nice home. Though I'm about 169,950shy of it. Damn.

Justin said...

Though I was born in a city where houses still go for about $40,000, being in LA the past 8 years has trained me to swallow my gum anytime I see an attractive house for under a half-mil.
This is a very attractive house, and very much under a half-mil.
But how can I be a rich writer guy if I'm not in LA? Course, I'm not a rich writer guy after 8 years in LA. Quite the opposite.

Mike Byers said...

It's cheaper to be a poor writer guy in Indiana. And hanging out in the woods makes the "poor" part a whole lot easier to deal with.