Monday, March 19, 2012

Muscle Men

Bit in the paper today, an interview with Manohar Aich, the 1952 Mr. Universe winner. He's a hundred years old, and while not at his peak form, was still looking good into his nineties. 

As you can see from the images above, he's still got some tone under his wrinkles.

He was sometimes called "Pocket Hercules," given that he was only 4'11" tall. He came from a poor background, and did some time in jail, but apparently pushing iron didn't do him any harm. How to live so long? Take it easy. Don't get too worked up about anything ...

And check out the photo below. See the guy in the middle? You know who that is?

Sir Sean Connery. The original (and still the man who defines the role of) movie James Bond. He is, what, eighty-two now? He stayed shape for years. When a tabloid allowed how he had gotten fat and lazy after he quit the Bond pictures, he sued them, and had his tailor testify as to his trousers' size. He won the lawsuit.

Before steroids were rampant, bodybuilders not only looked fit, they were fit. They could do gymnastics, they ate relatively healthy for the times, and they were strong. I think men's bodybuilding peaked with Steve Reeves, in about 1947.

Iron isn't necessarily bad for you ...

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jnabrown said...

Great story and reminder... they say that Mr Aich is still doing 90 minutes of exercise per day, including weights and yoga. One might think that was a lot of time to devote to fitness, one didn't consider the present and future benefits.