Monday, January 11, 2010

Plates on Sticks

Been a little busier than usual the last couple days. Visited with family, baby-sat, got some work done. Got another possible project run past me today, and I'm reading my daughter's horror novel ms, Summer Man, which is both lengthy and good.

My daughter, who has written, I dunno, twenty tie-in or shared-universe books or so under several names -- S.D. Perry, mostly -- has never gotten around to doing a big one of her own, until now. I have a ways to go to finish the read, but thus far, it is aces.

I expected no less. She' s a natural writer who sold the first story she ever wrote to the first market that saw it. Me, I got more rejections the first year I was submitting stories (300+) than a good-sized herd of writers collected combined in that time.

Persistence pays off, sometimes.

Got to go. The potatoes and green beans are boiling and almost done ...


EvMick said...

A half century ago, give or take, when I learned to type, I used one of them. Purty much. Either that or an underwood.

Typing was probably the single most useful class (post high school) I ever took.

Writing was TOUGH with a manual typewriter. Word processors on computers are wonderful.

But you know all that.

Kudo's to your daughter. I've read some of her stuff and like it purty much.

You should be proud.

I've often been told "you should write a book". I know better. I can read. I LIKE to read. But writing?..... Writing is a whole nuther world. As John Wayne might have said "A man's got to know his limitations.".

I'm a reader and a driver.

NOT a writer nor a mechanic.

Dan Moran said...

"A man's got to know his limitations" was Dirty Harry.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

"A man's got to know his limitations"

I always thought it was n English saying, because A bartender said this to me as he peeled me off a pub floor in London.

And then got a mop for the vomit.

Brad said...

Well, the title of the book has piqued my interest enough to buy it.

I also had an old Underwood, went the way of half my library when the ex and I split.

And of families - my Mother In Law is visiting from India. Until May.