Friday, January 22, 2010


Above, bottom: Charles-Hubert wind-up,
above that, Monrovia, a Russian wind-up,

Below: the Cover for the Russian watch. After
the Evil Empire fell, they were hard up for cash.
This watch, if you could find
a comparable one made in the U.S. would
probably run six or eight times what
I paid for it.

A man my age -- even though I'm not one of them -- but still -- has likely come to terms with his clothing.

When I was sixteen, my standard knock-around outfit was a pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt, white cotton socks and tennis shoes. Unless of course it was really hot or cold, in which case the adjustments were, respectively: Switch the jeans for shorts, and leave the socks and shoes off; or add a long-sleeve shirt and maybe a jacket.

These days, I have evolved. Now, my standard knock-around outfit is a pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt, white cotton socks, and cross-trainers.

Hey, evolution is not revolution ...

My preference for jeans doesn't run to brands, but to style: Boot-cut, five-pocket, zipper, instead of buttons, 36-33's, in case you are wondering about the size. Same as when I graduated from high school. Mostly these days, they are Kirkland's, from Costco. Probably made by prisoners in eastern Washington.

Those of you wondering about the fifth pocket, it's a little straight-line thing over the right hip bone in front, a watch pocket -- going back to the pre-sissy-wristwatch days when men carried those kinds of timepieces instead. I still have several of 'em -- a couple are shown above.

And, being a man my age, I have come to terms with the things in my pockets. At any given time, I can tell you pretty much what is in any of them, since I load them up the same way -- knife here, and there, keys here, wallet over there, like that.

It's good to have some consistency in the world ...


J.D. Ray said...

I've been wearing the (Mexican made) Lucky brand jeans, also from Costco (the ones from the company store are U.S. made, if you're wondering, and cost twice as much). They're the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. I tried the Kirkland ones; didn't like them much. To each their own, though.

I know what you mean about what-goes-where. Occasionally Jen will need to root around in my jeans (usually when I'm not wearing them) for car keys or whatnot. If I'm available, she always asks which pocket I keep them in. "Left front, same as last time you asked." I'll bet 70% of the time, she puts them back in the wrong pocket.

jks9199 said...

Watch pockets are just the ideal size and placement for a certain style of flexible cuff... And for useful things like spare cuff keys.

Unfortunately, I can't claim to where the same size as I did in high school...

Steve Perry said...

Well, I'm twenty pounds heavier than when I left high school, too; fortunately, most that was gained in places that didn't change the jean size. Though I suspect that jeans and other trousers are cut a little fuller than they used to be.