Thursday, January 28, 2010


Remember during the lecture on tattoos how I talked about things that might not last?

Apparently, a year, year-and-a-half back, Portland Trailblazer baskeball player Greg Oden, who is now all of twenty-two, thought it would be great fun to stand in front of a bathroom mirror naked and take a picture of himself, to email to his girlfriend.

(Oden, all seven feet tall of him, injured his knee and is out for the season, along with most of the starters, also bunged up with various injuries. Anybody who tells you basketball is not a contact sport is lying.)

But, anyway, Oden snapped a couple of shots and emailed 'em to his girlfriend. Sexting -- apparently all the rage amongst These Kids Today. Fun, hey?

They broke up.

Guess what appeared on the internet last week? Remember that if your SO wants to take some nudes of you for fun ...

Oden has apologized, and there's no real fallout. It's not illegal. A local TV news poll asked viewers if they thought the kid handled himself well when he apologized: 39% said he had; 18% said he hadn't. 43% said What are you talking about? What controversy?

Somewhat embarrassing for Oden. He is getting public support from his teammates, but privately, you know he is getting ragged pretty good.

On the other hand, he doesn't have anything physically to be embarrassed about ...


Justin said...

Yet another reason why being rich is better than being famous.

bud said...

If he'd only followed the advice I gave my grandson: "Look, kid, I know that you know it's a bad idea, and I know that you're gonna think with the wrong head and do it anyway, but try to remember this... Don't get your face in the picture."