Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well, I Never Been to Spain ...

... but I kinda like the music ...

Apparently, in a recent interview, John McCain, when asked about meeting with the President of Espana didn't seem to know who he was, or where the country was.

Cranky, bad-tempered old man is bad; cranky, bad-tempered, senile old man is worse.

Moose-killer moving up ... ?

Judge for yourself -- here's the story.

'Twould seem that the rain in Spain falls mainly on McCain ...


Anonymous said...

When the 03-04 tour to thank countries who had [for a given value of it] helped in the invasion of Iraq, Jeb Bush greeted, while on Spanish soil, the President of the Spanish Republic.

Later that day he had dinner with the king.

Dan Moran said...

I cut Jeb Bush some slack on that one -- it's a dumb error, but not in the same ballpark, even remotely, as not knowing where Spain is.

Either McCain had a senior moment, or he's dumb as a rock. I never thought the guy was dumb.

Worg said...

There's this idea out there that the preznit isn't doing his job when he goes into hiding during a national crisis like this.

In fact, in this instance, he is indeed doing his job, which is to allow his corporate cronies to loot the national treasury.

McCain isn't dumb, he's just getting old, and he's fighting tooth and nail in order to win. If he gets the presidency, we'll be in for a 4 (8?) year deterioration show.

If he has to step down, we'll then have Palin, a completely unqualified right wing christian lunatic who ordered rape victims to pay for their own rape kits.

McCain is nothing more than a puppet and a figurehead here. I wouldn't ride in a car he was driving, and people want to put the guy in charge of the US military for chrissakes?

Is this the best the republican party has to offer? Really?

Anonymous said...

Dan, do you think he knew where it was? Besides "right under his feet", I mean.

Also, don't get me wrong, but every time there's some sort of US-international crisis the news here always carry something about maps begin sold out in the States. So here --Spain--, that someone out there doesn't know where we are is not news (you also have to add in a certain "we're not worth the attention" that's usually unaccounted and getting smaller by the year, but still there).


Viro said...

McCain was just ducking the question.