Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need Some New Hardware?

Check out the Swiss MiniGun Revolver.
This is the basic stainless steel model.
The gold-and-diamond versions run a tad more ...

Offhand, it looks neat, but nothing all that special for something
that is gonna set you back about U.S. $5700 --
if you could buy it here, only you can't -- it's not importable --
in the U.S. -- not considered a sporting arm.

They will work with you, if you want to buy one where they can ship
and then figure out how to get it legally home ...

Ammo ... and then you come to this picture:

Pretty amazing, huh?

Talking about a rimfire, 2.34 mm (that's about .09 caliber) round that approaches 121 meters/second -- about 400 ft./sec. Not gonna knock a rhino down, or even a squirrel, but if you want to hunt dragonflies, this is your gat. It will probably sting if one hits you, given the velocity, which is around that of an air pistol.

Wouldn't you love to have one on your keychain?

Anybody looking to buy me a Christmas present ... ?

1 comment:

Mike said...

1. You'll shoot your eye out!
2. Is that a mini pistol in your pocket or are you disappointed to see me?