Thursday, September 11, 2008

Regardless of Your Politics

I remember exactly where I was seven years ago today. I remember being waked up by my frightened wife, stumbling into the living room to watch TV, just after the first plane hit.

I cannot forget watching the second one slam into the towers, as it happened. I recall feeling the sense of amazement in my gut.

Things, I knew, in that moment, were never going to be quite the same in the U.S.

However botched and bollixed the response was later -- and it was both -- there was a brief period over the next couple of days when the sense of solidarity in this country was amazing. We were Americans, we had been attacked, and being a Republican or Democrat or whatever didn't matter.

Would that we had kept that sense about us.


Brad said...

I remember where I was too. In Saudi Arabia, due to come home on vacation. Couldn't come home, all flights were cancelled. So, we went to India. I went in to work to get my passport to be asked by one of the Saudi "Why is everyone so upset? It was just a couple of buildings."

Then to hear that the Saudis were cheering as the planes crashed into the Towers and later as the Towers fell.

I quit and came home.

Dan Moran said...

The fact that we never invaded and flattened Saudi Arabia is a big chunk of why I despise the Bush Administration so thoroughly. People who paid for that attack, funneled money to it, and George Bush kissed them on the cheek and ran off to invade Iraq.

It's not an accident our politics are so poisoned right now.

Formosa Neijia said...

Yes, Bin Laden brought us altogether. Ironic, isn't it?

I'm pissed at Bush that we didn't invade Pakistan. We know Bin Laden is there and he's still alive. That is completely unacceptable.