Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Because I Liked the Pictures

Wardrobe malfunction ...

Lipstick on a pig ...

Feel free to apply them to whichever party you want ...


EvMick said...


I guess I missed that episode of Sesame Street.

I can just imagine the questions a pre teen might ask about the top picture.

Oh. They took the video down from U-toob. Guess they don't want people to see it.

Curious, that.

Steve Perry said...

Actually, I suspect that a whole lot of kids wouldn't have a big psychological problem if they were flashed by a hooter, even a puppet-version.

Showing a dead body is a lot closer to what I'd consider obscene.

Probably most people can't remember the first time they saw a bare breast. Even in this country, a lot of babies are still fed that way.

Most people can remember the first time they had a dog die, or a friend or neighbor.

Years ago, I wrote a nasty letter to Time Magazine.
In a direct quote by a well-know political figure, the man had said, "Fuck that!"

Time rendered it as "F --- that!"

As if the word had enough power to melt eyeballs.
As if anybody who had enough wherewithal to read the magazine hadn't heard the mighty F-word before.

And in that same issue, there were pictures from a war zone, showing corpses piled up hither and yon.

Something is wrong with culture too sensitive to see the word "fuck" printed on a page, but not so much that a field full of dead women and kids is okay.

I though Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" was hilarious. Anybody who thought, "Omigod, a titty!" and that the Republic would fall?

Wrong value system for me ...