Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Steampunk

Check out Datamancer's steam-punkery.

Look at the picture. Keyboard you can see; without that, I'd never have guessed the rest of it was a computer -- and check out the graphics tablet ...

This guy does terrific work. Drop by his site and have a look at his keyboards and monitors.


steve-vh said...

Wow, brillant stuff. I was just telling an engineer friend about steampunk the other day. Showed him this and he spent the next 1/2 hour scouring the site.
Neet little synopsys on how he build the sword.

William Adams said...

Neat stuff. Wonder if Kaja and Phil Foglio (the creative pair beyond the Agatha Heterodyne ``gaslamp fantasy'' series Girl Genius) have seen it.

The tablet would be more interesting if it were a Wacom Cintiq though.