Sunday, May 25, 2008

Somebody Needs a Life

Now and then, I come across something in the newspaper that amuses me no end. I saw one of those today, in The Sunday Oregonian. In the Business section, somebody had written into the Complaint Desk to grump about seeing dogs in stores. The woman was outraged. Filthy beasts, with worms, riding in the baskets where she puts her food! Can no one stop this outrage?

I couldn't help myself. I had to write a response. I suspect the editors won't publish it, but here it is ...

"So, in Sunday's Business Section, the Complaint Desk features a lament from Anna Faro. Faro, who identifies herself as a "serial complainer," doesn't like to see dogs in stores, especially in shopping carts.

I wonder, does Ms. Faro complain when she sees toddlers plopped into carts? Those small and lovable humans with leaky diapers, assorted communicable diseases, and sometimes, even her particular horror -- worms? I currently have a couple of grandsons down with Norovirus, and they didn't catch it from a dog.

I'd love to see any statistics that show anyone has ever caught worms from a shopping cart due to its once being briefly inhabited by a canine critter. Anybody?

Faro's lament ends with a comment that begins with "Sheesh." I gotta echo that. If that's the biggest worry in her life, she needs to get one ..."

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