Friday, May 23, 2008

Lost Another One

Robert Asprin

Apparently Bob Asprin died yesterday, looks like a heart attack, at his home in New Orleans.

We met but once, at a con somewhere back in the mid-eighties, and I didn't know him past that, but he could do funny, and did a fair amount of it. The Myth Adventures, the Phule's Company books -- I enjoyed his work. He edited, with his then-wife, Lynn Abbey, the first Thieves' World anthologies.

Bob got into some tax trouble with the feds, and started doing mostly collaborations in the nineties, so the IRS couldn't garnish all the money from his income. They supposedly worked that out. Had a bad bout with writer's block for a time, but apparently got past that, too.

He was about a year older than I, and what I remember about him was that he had a great laugh.

Life is too short.

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