Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama at Waterfront Park in Portland

(Image from The Oregonian's blog, on Flickr)

So, Obama drew a crowd in Waterfront Park on Sunday. Hot day, and seventy-two thousand people turned out -- according the estimate by the Portland Fire Department. Filled the park at sixty thousand, twelve thousand more outside the perimeter. Largest crowd he's drawn on the campaign trail, and the largest ever to turn out for a political candidate in Oregon, far as anybody can tell.

Oregon has a vote-by-mail process. Like a lot of us here, my wife and I generally wind up waiting until the last minute to fill out our ballots, and then I drop them off at an official collection station, over by the library. Today is the last day.

It's a hard state to forecast, because the ballots have been trickling in for weeks, but by tomorrow, we'll pretty much know which way we went. McCain is a given, of course.

Hill, Bill, and Chel have been stumping the state the last few days, and Bill is a master speaker, but me, I wouldn't bet against Obama here.

(DIAL UP Rocky's Theme and FADE OUT ...)

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