Sunday, December 23, 2007

Start of a Bad Joke

So, OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, and Phil Spector walk into a bar ...


Dave Huss said...

Was watching Comedy Central one night and they were doing a roast of Denis Leary and his Priest gets up and says "A Catholic Priest, a pederast and a child molester walk in to a bar, and that was just the first guy." Rough crowd. Kind of like a Rabi starting a lesson with "Two Jews walk into a bar....."
Comedy can be rough....

Steve Perry said...

I've always felt that the best comedy lives right on the edge. A hair more, it's too much -- it can turns sour, and the worst sin, not-funny.

The funniest stand-up routine I ever saw involved a military jet crashing into a hotel, killing a bunch of people. Same guy did one about somebody being beaten so badly one of his testicles got knocked off, rolled down his pants leg and was found some yards away. Both routines started with him reading the items right out of a newspaper, then commenting on them.

Past that, I saw the late Richard Jeni do a routine wherein a mama seal watches killer whales go after her pup, and very nearly peed myself laughing. Last thing I would ever have thought anybody could find humor in, much less me, but he was that good.

Three microns more, these guys would have gotten shot (in the head to make sure they stayed dead this time). But they absolutely passed the Pryor Test:

A young Eddie Murphy, upset because Bill Cosby took him to task for using so much blue humor in his routine, called Richard Pryor.

Richard said, "Was it funny?"


"Did they laugh?"


"Well, tell Bill to have a Coke and a smile and go fuck himself."

People who can make a room full of people laugh so hard they can't even breathe, they are gifts to be treasure.

Anonymous said...

Blake, Spector and OJ in one joke?

You slay me!

ed said...

..... Later - OJ not seen leaving the bar with only one glove - don't want to tell you what was inside. Quickness, strength and a bad temper can be a bad combo. - Hopefully Karma works it self out there too.