Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Police Sketch

So, day before yesterday, somebody attempted to abduct a college student at Lewis & Clark. A terrible thing, this, and the police released a sketch.

I was watching the news and I figured that the sketch, when it appeared, would be the standard ID kit universal image that could fit anybody from the Pope to Charles Manson, but this time, they were a bit more specific, and right away, I knew I could help:

It's The Shadow!

He hides under the identity of Lamont Cranston, a local millionaire. Go get him!


Michael said...

As anyone who knows his pulp fiction can tell you, the Shadow's real identity was Kent Allard, a famous aviator. Lamont Cranston was actually a separate character whose identity the Shadow would sometimes usurp.


Steve Perry said...

Shhh! You aren't supposed to tell anybody!

You're doomed now. The Shadow doesn't mess around.