Monday, August 20, 2007

The Curse of Paris Hilton

Yesterday, my wife and I and our dogs attended a charity dinner at Jake's, in Portland. This is an annual event to benefit Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. The deal is, the restaurant sets up a tent in the middle of the blocked-off street, and people can bring their dogs and dine. The food is great, you can get drinks, and included in the basic price is a meal for your dog. Including, if you want it, non-alcoholic beer for the pups ...

The rain had stopped, it was pleasant, and we met a friend of ours who brought her pup. There was a pretty good turnout, and the dogs were all well-behaved, though ours ate more than they should have.

At the table next to us were two handsome young women and a girl of maybe ten or eleven, and they had brought their pomeranians. The little girl's looked to be a black mini-pom. The woman I took to be her older sister, had one that was a striking black and gray. And the third woman, a blonde, had a dog that was either palamino or white -- I couldn't tell because the poor animal had been dyed bright pink.

And the dog was not happy about it, either.

Dogs as fashion accessories.

I have to wonder what the woman was thinking. It's bad enough to put silly clothes on a dog, but to color it like an Easter chick?


Irene said...

About 13 years ago, we dyed eggs for Easter The next day while we were at work my little white puppy got into the trash. We came home to find a rainbow puppy: pink, green, blue, yellow, purple... was most adorable. And self inflicted, I must add.

I have always regretted that we didn't get photographs.

Steve Perry said...

Sure. The dog did it. Uh huh ...