Monday, August 06, 2007

... Book by Its Cover, part two

Oh, yeah, here's another of my favorite covers, for The 97th Step. It's a full-wrap montage by Royo, and I really liked it when it came out.

A few thing about the illustration:

There isn't a guy who looks like Mel Gibson with a bandage on his hand in the book; nor, is there a girl in a jumpsuit doing a martial arts' pose.

Nary a dogfight in space between two ships.

No semi-nude dancer waving a big pink bedsheet about.

Not a burning city anywhere.

There are planets and moons and like that, but that's it.

Even so, it's a great cover. Why? Because anybody capable of reading the novel will surely get that it is a science fiction book -- if they didn't figure that out by where it was shelved -- and maybe that it is interesting enough to open it.

If I don't snag you with the first line -- "The slaver was about to buy trouble, only he didn't know it yet." so you want to read the next graph, and then after that, to turn the page, and keep reading the scene to find out what happens to the slaver, then you can't blame the cover artist, that's on me.

And if I can't keep you reading to the end, to the point where you don't think about the cover again and realize none of it is in the book? my fault, too ...


Bobbe Edmonds said...

This, aside from Musashi Flex is my favorite of the Matadors. The book, not the cover, although I kinda DID like the cover as well. Royo does great work, his stuff is a staple in sci-fi/fantasy.

Ximena said...

Well, there *is* an exotic dancer.

Steve Perry said...

Yep. But she strips and dances naked, and it's more gymnastic than gyration -- Flashdance, not ballet. And she doesn't wave a pink sheet around ...