Saturday, April 14, 2012

September Morn

So, we decided to do a little camping. A run to the Gorge. Got a few miles out and bap! The outer right rear tire threw the tread, down to the steel belt. Limped back to a truck stop, but we were too small. Tried Wallyworld, but we were too big. America's Best Tires, just right. Needed more than one tire -- had tread, but the rubber was really old, the rig spends a lot of time parked. Spendy, but whaddya gonna do? Back on the road, only two and a half hours slower than we'd expected.

At the campground we were one of two rigs there, nice. And presently after we set up, a pair of young women arrived at the bathroom. Part of a group of small boat sailors we saw on the river, I figured. They went into the shower wearing tiny bikinis. Came out a few minutes later, one of them wrapped on a beach towel. She looked around, didn't see anybody, and since she was covered on three sides by the bathroom and trees, either didn't think anybody could see her -- or didn't care. Dropped the towel, grabbed her clothes, and got dressed.

Dead tire, September Morn.

Never know how the day will go ...

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