Friday, April 27, 2012

Black Steel - Wink

So, I put up a little slideshow, runs about five minutes, on the cylinder knife Chuck Pippin built. (I'm naming it "Wink," after the guy who owns the knife in the new novel series. 

Here 'tis:

Once I get the final mages of the sheath, I'll toss this one and put up a more complete one, this is a test to see if I could format pictures into a workable slideshow with a credit crawl at the start. 

Actually, I have a score of videos up on YouTube, a wide range of subject, from music, to magic, to knives, to other things, and if you want to see 'em, there's link in the sidebar, or you can go here.

Most YouTube movies I link to here are better viewed on the site directly, since the blog movie poster likes to offer a square format and chop off one side of a movie-screen format. 

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