Friday, April 20, 2012

Gut Check

Had a little stomach-thingee the last couple days, dunno for sure what it was. Could be a bug, could be stress, some combination of the two, hard to say. I felt as if I was mostly recovered from my trip back into the Heart of Darkness, but lack of sleep, different food, and that stress could certainly have contributed to it. When your resistance is down, you can fall prey to all manner of ills.

I won't regale you with TMI, if you have had stomach-y stuff, flu, food poisoning, like that, you know what it entails. I've found that the best treatment is to cut out all food and just drink a lot of water. For a day or two, you don't have to worry much about electrolyte imbalance, and nothing going in save H2O means nothing coming out, either ...

Plus rectus-rolls can help ease the soreness ...

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Ed said...

One thing I have found that helps a lot of upset stomach-thingees is unsweetened coconut. It is amazing how it works. Maybe the Lauric acid in it. I get it in the bulk section at Market of Choice. I have picked up the very fine type from Winco but it doesn't work as well....I think there is more oil in the larger coarser type. I will take about a table spoon full (double pinch)- chew it up some to get some oil out - wash it all down with a little water if needed. It's helped within 20 minutes or so. Don't know about viral but for other stomach upsets/bad food issues it is great.

Check out this site -
Of course it cures everything - ha. But there definately is something to it.