Monday, April 16, 2012


Came across a posting on FB. (You may or may not agree with the rules, and some of them are not only wrong, but downright silly–I'll speak to those–but I particularly like #11, which solves a trainload of problems if you follow it:)

"Vince Oller shared Omega Tactical's status update.

I got this from Gabe Suarez. He's been very controversial over the years, but like him or not, he has some solid stuff. I happen to like him, so here:

Rules For The Gunman, from Gabe Suarez:

1). Don't carry the gun to make you a man. Carry because you are in fact a man.

(Unless, of course, you are a woman, in which case #1 doesn't apply even more. This is probably well-intended, but it's flip, bumper-sticker philosophy. There are reasons to carry, but because you are a man isn't one. That's just posturing.)

2). Always carry your gun regardless of social pressures.

(No. There will be times when this isn't feasible, and you have to know that. Your sexy new girlfriend wants you to step into the shower and soap up her back and, um, other places? Leave the SIG in the nightstand, dude.)

3). If you can't physically carry a gun, always have a knife.

(See #2. "Always" is a pretty inclusive word.)

4). Whenever you carry a gun, also carry a knife...and some spare ammunition.

5). Carry the gun you can use best regardless of social fashion.

(Really? What if you are best with a shotgun? Want to bet that local law will be watching you like ducks on a June bug if you show up at the Safeway to do your shopping with your riot gun over your shoulder? Concealed carry is always a trade-off. You carry what your clothes dictate you can hide.)

6). Make sure you are good with that gun through continual and obsessive practice.

(If you can't shoot it well enough to hit what you aim at, you shouldn't carry it. 
Good, yes. I'm not sure "obsessive" is necessary.)

7). Don't bluff or threaten with the gun. If you pull it, be certain you are justified and willing to use it.

8). Using it means shooting the other man or men in the chest and/or the face. Yes, it means killing.

9). If you can avoid having to shoot, it is a good thing, but do not second guess yourself once it has begun.

11). To facilitate the former, do not go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things at stupid times.

(Italics mine, and Amen!)

12). If you are involved in such activities, take a team with you....and rifles.

13). The default should be to mind your own business.

14). The only time minding your own business is superceded by getting involved is if what you see shocks the conscience of humanity and needs to be stopped.

15). The amount of violence you can justify and the number of rules you can break is directly proportionate to the level of evil displayed by your adversary.

16). Never apologize for using violence. Not only is it indicative of weakness but also of a lack of moral standing."

(Too macho for me. If you have to use force, you have to use it, but there's no loss of face in being sorry you had to do it. Not a sign of weakness to say so. Sometimes real men do eat quiche.)


Mike Byers said...

The Marine Magnum 12ga is best for the shower: it's stainless steel.

Ian Sadler said...

I don't eat quiche, but I may occasionally have an open top egg pie in keeping with my maniless :-)

Steve Perry said...

I have two children who look just like me and no doubts about my masculinity at all; I can wear orange and eat ladyfinger sandwiches if I want. (Though I confess I don't do either, I could ...)

The idea that a man can't apologize for anything, including violence? Silly. I grew up with a father who never once said he was sorry about anything in my hearing, who was always right.

Not me. I made plenty of mistakes along the way, and pretending otherwise is a fool's game.