Saturday, February 04, 2012

All Things Must Pass

When I got my iPad 2, I found there was a local maker of bamboo cases for such things, Grove. There was a waiting list, but because I got on it early, I got a discount on the case. Still wasn't cheap, but I really liked it. 

Here's the original posting with images.

It really was a spiffy-looking accessory. Anytime I took the iPad out in public wearing it, I got nice comments and questions. Folding leather screen-cover, magnetic switch to turn the iPad on and off, I was happy with it. 

There was, however, a major flaw, about which I found out last night. I had the iPad on the table next to my chair and when I reached for my water glass, I knocked the flatscreen onto the floor.

It landed on the top edge. The bamboo shattered as if it was so much glass.

Beyond repair, as I quickly realized once I got the glue and toothpicks out. Not enough surface area to make a strong enough bond to hold.

So, it's a beautiful case, and it gave its life to protect the iPad, but buyers should beware. Once upon a  time, I recommended it. Not, alas, any more ...

Ah, well, live and learn.

I'll be getting another case, not sure what yet. Maybe a leather one, make it look like a book. Or maybe a shell, they make those in rubber or carbon fiber or plastic that allow the use of Apple's Smart Cover, which is a nice screen protector. Open the cover, the thing comes on; close it, it goes off. Saves wear and tear on the mechanical switch. 

They also make cases that are almost bulletproof, including one that offers enough anti-slide-off-a-table protection that they test  it by putting it on the roof of a Porsche and driving down the road at sixty. There's one they dropped from a high-flying balloon that protected the contents. Had a camera going as it fell. 

I don't think I need something quite that heavy-duty, but I will have to get something. This is the first time I've dropped it since I got it in June, but a new case every eight months would get kind of spendy. 


Dosbears said...

Looks like they have a replacement policy of 50% off.

Brad said...

I have a nice, leather, Targus case. 2 position easel and you can rotate the screen for profile or landscape viewing.

Joerg Mosthaf said...

I love the leather covers from Oberon Design - they have Kindle, Nook and iPad covers. A tad pricey but very nice and very protective.

Steve Perry said...

Nice discount, but still spendy, given the current pricing.

I've got a basic plastic back/magnetic smart cover, but I expect I'll go with a leather case -- I like the juxtaposition of high-tech enclosed in old school.