Saturday, February 11, 2012


I decided to go with a leather book-style case for the iPad, for several reasons. So, TwelveSouth's BookBook.

First, because it carries the thing safely and is likely to protect it from an accidental fall. You can zip it shut and I suspect an edge-on drop won't do much from any height from which I am apt to drop it. It's padded fore and aft, too.

Second, because I like the appearance of distressed leather books and that's what it looks like. 

Third, because I already had it, and that makes it my cheapest option, too. It's what I used until I got the late, lamented Grove Bamboo case.

The drawbacks are that it is bulkier than a smart cover and shell, and that standing it up, either in portrait or landscape modes is a tad more involved than simply rolling the smart cover into a triangle. Very low-tech, though. There's a leather string and a button, and you just wrap one around the other and voila! 

Mine is an old one, for the original iPad, so it doesn't come with the cut-out for the camera lens. Not that the camera is all that good, but I can auger out a slot for that. The new ones come with it. 

It doesn't have a smart cover, either, which for those of you who don't have a clue about which I am blathering, that's a cover that, when you close it, puts the notebook to sleep, and when you open it, wakes it up. Uses an embedded magnet to toggle the system. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the mechanical switch. 

However, being the clever lad that I am, I realized I could tape one of those tiny rare earth magnets, (taken out of an old electric toothbrush head,) inside the front cover of the case at the right spot, and voila! again, a do-it-yourself smart cover.

Piece of black tape and an itty bitty magnet. More low tech, have a look:

It'll make a good knock-around case for local use. If I'm going on the road, I have a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard case

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Joerg Mosthaf said...

Thats a great idea - my wife also uses a BookBook leather cover and was always annoyed, that it doesn't turn off the iPad.