Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Welcome to the Future, Part XCVII

Got a buddy who, for reasons medically-chronic, has been unable to spend much time at the gym of late. Part of it is physical, part is motivational–hard to stir yourself after a restless night. 

He lives in a complex that has a pretty good gym on the premises, and recently, he decided he need to get back into shape, and could I maybe help out a little?


Thing is, he lives the better part of a thousand miles away, so me standing there and yelling "One more rep!" ain't in the cards.

However, through the miracles of iPad and Skype, we can achieve a kind of connection, and I can see him on the machines and offer coaching on exercises as he does them. 

Not that I'm particularly qualified, but you work with what you got.

I realize there are a lot of folks who do this kind of at-a-remove coaching, everything from music lessons, to university classes, to how-to-make-and-bake-a-cake, but this is my first experience in this realm.  

Not exactly Dick Tracy's 2-Way wrist TV, but we are way past that. Day before yesterday, my wife and I watched one of our great-nephews crawling around and taking some tentative steps, courtesy his parent's cell phone.

Welcome to the future. 

Again ...

Coach Perry ...

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