Friday, February 24, 2012


Observe Newton's Third Law in action ...

The vid is a bit long, and after the first five minutes, you can shut it off, but there are some doozies here. My favorite is about 2:25 in, but the rocket launcher failure is pretty interesting.

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Bobbe Edmonds said...

Can't tell if these are Newton's third law...or Darwin's first. Most of these goobers seem too fucking stupid to be left alone with a Nerf gun - which is probably the reason they have real ones.

Oh, and WHO the hell puts a pump shotgun on their groin to fire? That's just pants-on-head STOOPID. Several of those women were shooting calibers that were obviously far too large for them - did their husbands think it was a funny joke to see their wives' wrists snap in half? One looked like a .357 with magnum loads, damn near tore her hands off.

Bet me anything most of the applicants were born below the Mason-Dixon line. Go on...Bet me.