Saturday, February 12, 2011


Lest you think I'm so far gone down the ebook line as to think paper is dead, nope, I'm not. While we are down on total space -- I think we only have eight or nine bookcases in the house now -- nearly all of my reading is still the old-fashioned kind. 

For instance, we have probably a couple hundred cookbooks. (Editor's Note: No, actually, there are only about a hundred and ten of them. I did a fast count.) My wife is a great cook, and she likes reading about various kinds of cuisine. I saw a cookbook yesterday on a table: Vegan Comfort Food.

There's an oxymoron, I said. 

She laughed.

And speaking of books papier, I did read the latest Stephen Hunter novel, Dead Zero, which features Bob the Nailer and a new sniper, Ray Cruz. If you are a fan, all I need to say is that it is out. If not, there are a bunch of novels by Hunter–one of which was made into a so-so movie with at least one great character–that you should check out. Hunter goes to great lengths to get the gun stuff right, and he generally fools me if he misses stuff. 

Bob is getting long in the tooth, he creaks, he aches, and given his adventures, it's a wonder he's alive at all. (A year older than I, Bob is.) This one has a couple of unexpected twists, one of which seems like an oh, really? coincidence, until you think about it, at which point it makes sense. Lot of gunfire, shit blowing up, bad guys hither and yon. Always a ride worth taking, Hunter's books. 

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Here is the pitch by Stephen Hunter for Dead Zero....