Friday, February 18, 2011

Moving On

My daughter and her husband and two boys have a new house. The sale closed today, and that means we'll be moving stuff real soon. 

I can't count the number times I've moved stuff from one house to another. We haven't had to do it ourselves for a long time, but we changed residences more than a dozen times the first few years we were married, and both of our children have moved that many times since they've been on their own. It adds up.

Because there are stairs on both ends this time–upstairs, downstairs–we are hiring movers to haul the really heavy stuff, and only the things we can carry in various cars are our responsibility, which suits me.

I don't mind helping somebody else; me, I'm not moving again. Only way I'm leaving this house for another residence will be feet-first ...

1 comment:

Dojo Rat said...

Be glad you don't own a pickup truck.

Everybody you know would be calling you for help moving. It goes like this:

Oh, and by the way, they don't even have the stuff in boxes yet.

And you gotta buy the Beer cause they just paid rent.

And whose car does the dog ride in.

You might as well get a couple of Pizza's...