Friday, February 25, 2011

Pack It Up, Move it Out

For much of the past week, we have been moving small furniture and boxes–my daughter and her family have gone from their old house to their new house. Well, newer house. Not far apart, the two, but when it comes to loading up the cars with stuff, whether it's two miles or twenty only matters in that you can make more, quicker trips. And with the price of gasoline, do it a little cheaper.

The movers came yesterday for the big stuff, and that made it much easier, but we still went up and down the stairs–fore and aft–a lot. The two grandsons did well, and yesterday afternoon late, the younger of the boys said, "This is where we live now; the TV sets are here." Once the video game consoles and the DVD player were hooked up? Then they were moved. Nice to have your priorities in order.

Fortunately, the big snowstorm that was supposed to bring us to a screeching halt turned out to be a nothing-burger; couple inches on the ground yesterday morning in and around Portland, all melted off by mid-afternoon. Timing was good on that, since the cold–down to 18º F. here last night–didn't move in until the snow was gone. Of course that made for slick roads, and there were a couple of interstate-stopping accidents during the evening, semi-trucks tangled together on frozen overpasses, like that. 

Only a few miles north of here, from Vancouver, Washington up, it was much worse, so we dodged a snowy bullet this time. The most recent of several this winter. Three or four times, the weather guys started running around hollering that the sky was falling! only to have it not fall at all. 

Hummingbird feeder froze up, but the sun is shining, and it's supposed to get to 33º F. here today.

Always interesting after you help somebody move to discover the sore spots. Not so much muscular this time, but the nicks and sticks and all. Some dents on the shins–stairs and wire racks don't like each other. Small puncture wound on the thumb; odd scratches on the forearms, like that. 

They are moved, and while putting away the boxes of stuff will take a while, very happy to be in the new place, and we can relax until the next time one of the kids wants to move. Me, I'm not moving anymore, I believe I have mentioned. They'll carry me out of here feet-first.

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