Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peak Moments

Another flash from the memory vaults: Years back, visiting a friend in Boulder, Colorado. We were having coffee at a park one morning, Chautauqua, as I recall. Sun was shining, a budding summer's day. Children and dogs running around, people enjoying the outside. Of a moment, I heard kettle drums in the distance; drums, then a horn.

Somebody playing Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man."

Oh, wow. I got to my feet and headed to find the source of the music. I ran to find it.

Not far away was an old barn and in it, a symphony orchestra, apparently practicing. The light inside was dim, the walls were riddled with tiny holes and cracks, through which the summer sun shined inside

The music, the setting, the company, it all combined into a pure bliss for me. 

Play this one at my funeral, I thought. Along with Pachelbel's "Canon in D;""Bridge Over Troubled Water;" and "Hey, Jude." Any order you want.

I don't know how many moments like that one gets, but when one arises, enjoy it. Exaltation of one's spirit is always a good thing


Mantisking said...

That's one of my favorite pieces of music too, although I prefer the Emerson, Lake, and Palmer version.

Nataraj Hauser said...

*jumping up and down*

I just fired off an email to some high caliber musicians here at home wondering what would happen if some high caliber musicians played Copland's "Fanfare For The Common Man" in the WI stated capitol rotunda at the peak of our protest on Saturday. I suspect the 5-6000 people that have been crammed in the capitol would find that pretty doggone stirring.

Thanks for this post!