Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm not a dedicated gym-rat. The year I turned forty, I kept a workout journal, tracked everything I did, every rep of every set, and discovered that full-body workouts thrice a week amounted to overtraining. 

These days, if I can make it to the gym twice a week, I'm happy, and since I never got into the push-one-day, pull-the-next-session stuff, but stayed with full-body routines, more than that would be too much.

A typical session for me with the iron or machines is only a handful of exercises, and I count on silat and walking the dogs for the rest of it.

At the gym, last time:

Chins, to warm up, twelve reps, in an L-sit to work the abs.
Seated leg presses, eight plates, twelve reps each, 2-3 sets.
Seated calf-raise, same weight, twenty reps, 2-3 sets.
Bent-over dumbbell rows, half body weight, 1x8, L. & R.
Seated bench press, 3x8, ascending/descending, 200 max.
Pec deck 3x8 ascending/descending, 80,105, 80.
Military press, 1x10, 110.
Dumbbell curls, supinating and pronating grips. 1/10, 35.
Barbell curls, 1x8, 11o.
Triceps push-downs, 1x10, full stack, 90.
Lat pulldowns, 1x10, 180
Low back hyper-extensions x 10.

I know, I know, it's hell getting old and weak, but you young punks who bench Volvos? That won't be the case forever. I'd tell you to come back and see me when you are my age and let's compare routines, but when you are my age, I'll be long gone ...


J.D. Ray said...

Heck, Steve, I can barely interpret half of what you listed. Sounds like an intense workout to me, no matter your age.

Viro said...

It's all fun and games until you start popping ligaments and tearing tendons.