Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Hottest day of the year here today, probably going to be a record high for the date. Ninety-three at Steve's house right now. Enough maybe to kill some of the mold covering the rust ...

Three days ago, we had a record low temperature for that date.

Crazy weather. Go figure.

Yep, I dragged out the fans to circulate the air, and it's passing warm to walk the dogs, even with the water mist sprayer bottle, save in the morning or after dark, them being mostly black and not reflecting much sun.

I'm not complaining about the heat. Unlike much of the east coast, this is only like the fifth day this year it's gotten above eighty degrees.

Gonna be hotter tomorrow, maybe pushing a hundred. Hot east wind blowing and all, I'm going to enjoy it, yes, I am.


steve-vh said...

90ish and humid here today. felt just like the PI.
Then the power went out 5mins before I got home from my airconditioned office. finally just came back now. Not surprised I guess.

James said...

Do you not remember Louisiana? I come home from work every day and my ballistic vest makes a sucking noise as I pull it away from my body. Hot weather, my ass. ;)