Monday, July 05, 2010

Fourth of July

I hope folks in the U.S. had a happy Independence Day yesterday.

We went to a barbecue party at some friends'. It was cold -- most of the women were wearing coats, couple wrapped in blankets. The mosquitoes were thick and thirsty. Soon as it got dark, the neighborhood we were in tried to show up Vancouver and the concert show in D.C. -- loudest I have ever heard fireworks in a neighborhood setting before.

My little dog was terrified. Finally had to put her in the car and shut it up tight.

On the other hand, the food was good, the company better, the booze tasty and we didn't head home until almost eleven p.m. Mid-sixties today, record low temp for the date yesterday.

But: Mid-nineties by Wednesday, so the weatherman says. We'll see.


steve-vh said...

The weather's always opposite somewhere. It's been low 90's here (although I waited it out in bed due to food poisoning, sigh).

Scott said...

Texas fireworks was a Remington 870 and a case of Dragon's Breath; fun. :-)