Friday, July 23, 2010

High Tech from the East

Behold, the Indian prototype for Sakshat, a somewhat obscene-in-English-sounding name that means, I gather, "Before your eyes."

From "The device was unveiled by India’s Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal. It is expected to become available in India next year targeting students. To begin with it will cost $30 and be manufactured elsewhere, but the aim is to get the price down to $10 and have all manufacturing done in India.

The device itself has a 10″ touchscreen 2GB of RAM, a USB port, and Wi-Fi built-in. It runs a Linux-based OS and bundled software includes OpenOffice, a PDF reader, web browser, media player, and video conferencing app. Power will partially come from solar panels mounted to the case."

Watch out, Apple -- Shiva is coming up behind you ...

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Michael Bourgon said...

Looks quite a bit like the Marvel "college tablet" they were showing off last year. Which means it should sell for about 100-150 stateside. Question is, will the specs run the software well (or, to use a Jobs-ism, "provide a great experience")? And, for $100-150, does it matter? It looked interesting when they first showed it off. But let's see final hardware before you start promising that price tag.