Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saber Rattling

The North Koreans are talking smack again, something they do every time they get nervous. If the U.S. and its running dog lackey South Korea hold the naval exercises they plan, the North says, then Pyongyang will unlimber their (three) nukes and declare war upon the Imperialists, and woe to them for awakening the sleeping tiger!

I think I saw a picture of Hillary Clinton yawning when she heard this.

This has worked for them in the past, the saber-rattlings and shrill threats, so it's no surprise that they are at it again; if you are a puffer fish, you puff up when you sense danger, but you have to wonder about the sanity of those in charge in that benighted land. Yes, the United States is pretty busy in the ongoing-war department these days, but don't the North Koreans have a clue as to what will happen if they actually throw one of their nukes at a U.S. warship?

Does nobody remember what happened to Saddam's WWI-era troop lines when the U.S. stomped into Iraq? Airplanes? Smart bombs?

Tactical nukes, if necessary?

Can't anybody understand the term "radioactive crater where North Korea used to be" in that part of the world? Or maybe just "radioactive crater where the secure Presidental bunker used to be?"

It's talk, of course, it allows them to seem brave (and reeealllly stupid) in the giant's face. Still, if they ever actually do something, it could be reeeallly bad for them ...


Ed said...

Can't we all just get along......with nukes?

Anonymous said...

A radioactive crater there might be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

North Korea has to be one of the most horrific places on earth, and it seems to be that way almost entirely because of the government and its policies. North Korea recently reissued? its currency. Older currency was valueless. This had the effect of wiping out any savings many people had. Many people committed suicide. Doesn't sound like a workers paradise to me Hopefully things improve once Kim Jong Il dies. Langdon

Dojo Rat said...

I read a very convincing article that suggested that North Korea did not sink the SK ship. The evidence is questionable and it appears the SK ship may have hit a reef. It broke in half, something a torpedo is not capable of doing. The prop shaft produced as evidence of a torpedo is a mismatch.
Gulf of Tonkin sound familiar?
Watch news about an Iran strike. That worries me more.

By the way, I will miss Daniel Shorr very much also. The last of the really great reporters.

Steve Perry said...

North Korea is a terrible state, in all kinds of way, and it wouldn't take much to tip it over the edge. The people need a new government.

Iran makes me nervous because if they do develop nukes, you can be sure Israel will speak harshly to them, and that whole part of the world could explode.