Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Callahan

Portland cartoonist John Callahan, known for his wicked, nasty, and totally non-PC humor, has died, after a long bout of complications from surgery.

A traffic accident when he was driving drunk at twenty-one put Callahan in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic for the rest of his days, and despite that, he had a long career as a cartoonist, sometime-songwriter and singer, and moviemaker.

He used to get a lot of hate mail from handicapped people until they realized he was making as much fun of himself as anybody.

Adíos, John.

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Anonymous said...

This guy could offend anyone. When one of his cartoons pricked my sense of right and wrong that's when I really began to appreciate and look forward to his work.

People who are willing to go too far, in the way that John did, are always needed: the Emperor has no clothes!

Roll on John, roll on.